"My 8 year old son had always experienced erratic sleeping. During the initial introduction, Kris put him at ease immediately. Using phrases and terminology that held his interest and sparked his imagination. He was very keen to go back to Kris to start his treatment. Although Kris explained it usually took 4 or more sessions, my son only needed 2! That was almost 3 months ago and we’ve never looked back. Sleeping problems no more! She got to the root of the problem, treating the cause, not just the symptom. I can highly recommend Kris – her calm, gentle approach is wonderful, especially so with children."
Co Kildare
“Kris has been seeing my 15 year old daughter for a couple of months and has made big strides in increasing her self-esteem and confidence. She instantly made a connection and from her very first session my daughter totally relaxed and became calmer and more content as she learnt practical methods to deal with her anxieties and fears. Kris is a very kind and gentle lady who is genuinely interested in helping and I would absolutely have no hesitation in recommending her to adults and children alike.”
“My 9 year old daughter suffers from general anxiety and a phobia of dogs and cats. Kris gained my daughter’s trust quickly, by providing honest and non-patronising explanations on anxiety and the subconscious mind. The sessions involved deep relaxation, visualisation and meditative-type exercises. The sessions were creative, imaginative and practical. Kris also provided my daughter with coping techniques related to breathing, body control, tapping and meditation. My daughter is still afraid of dogs, but since the summer with Kris, my daughter’s anxiety has lightened, she is happier and has greater self-esteem. She now sleeps through the night and by day, she has the energy to face a world full of dogs and cats. She can cope.”
“My daughter suffers from epilepsy and after a long term stay at a children’s hospital, she was also diagnosed with conversion disorder, a psychiatric condition stemming from anxiety and causing her to be unable to walk for 6 months. Kristina helped her to explore anxieties in a creative way which she related to. She gave her techniques which she can use in her day to day life to remain calm and resolve anxieties in an easier manner. She has learned to appreciate and love herself more as a result of the therapy and this has been very useful for her. We are hopeful that following on from therapy, she will build on the skills learned and continue to be the happy and beautiful girl that she is.”


“I had enormous pre-operation anxiety. My friend recommended trying hypnotherapy and it helped me. I could control my nerves and had a good night’s sleep before my surgery. Thank you very much for your help”
“I had a fear of public speaking. It was affecting my carrier as I have to speak to large groups of people every week. Two hypnotherapy sessions improved my performance a lot. I also found it enjoyable and relaxing experience”
“After just one session I became a NON SMOKER! I have been smoking for 45 years and nobody believed that I could give it up at age of 63. My hearing improved, I can smell better and I saved so much money! Thank you so much”
“I started my therapy feeling desperate, depressed and hurt after my girlfriend left me. At the beginning I was quite skeptical and resistant to believe that my life can change for better…Now I feel as if I peeled some layers of self doubt and fear off. I am back to my normal senses and feeling myself again”
“Just finished my psychotherapy treatment, it was very helpful and helped me get more understanding about my current situation and about difficulties that I’m facing in my adult life . Thank you."


“I had my inner child healing therapy, after years of struggling with the after effects of my difficult childhood. I can’t put the experience into words, through the therapy Kris helped me tap into my own power, realise my potential and gave strength and colour to my inner dreams. After the 2 sessions I felt incredibly light, full of energy and clarity to move forward with my life purpose. I highly recommending working with Kris as she absolutely loves her work and is 100% invested in the needs of her clients. Thank you so much Kris from the bottom of my heart.”
"Just finished my session with Kris, session was very helpful and helped me get more understanding about my current situation and about difficulties that I'm facing in my adult life . She's also a true professional and great person . I would highly recommend her. Thank you."
"Just a quick note to say thank you so much for the session. It was just amazing and it just solved more or less all my issues and worries. All the guilt I had over some decisions I have made in this life is gone as is my fear of being alone in a house and the feeling of someone going to catch me. Also gone is my fear of something happening to my daughter. It made me feel more comfortable in my skin and understand why I don't fit in with 'normal people'. I now value myself more and understand my role in relation to others much better. I'm no longer scared of following my intuition and I feel so much more centered and in touch with my intuition. Thank you so much, you really helped me find myself and start living my life fully!"